You can monitor the source of patients who book online on your site to discover how they arrived at the booking page.

Step 1. Create a Google Analytics Account

Go to :

Google Analytics

Click on the button Create an account (or login if you already have a Google account).

Step 2. Create a tracking ID

Enter your site data (name, address) to get a tracking ID

Example: UA-XXXXX-X 

Step 3. Create an event goal 

Go to > Google Analytics > Admin > Goals > New Goal 

  • Name: (example: "Tuotempo Online Booking")
  • Type: Event
  • Label: OnlineBooking
  • Value: 1
  • Use: Yes

Note: The value must be the same as value used in step 5 below

Step 4. Insert the tracking code 

Go to > Tuotempo > Setup > Online Booking > Preferences > Tracking code > Code to be placed at the beginning of the header (HTML and Javascript only) 

Step 5. Insert the event code

Go to >Tuotempo App > Setup > Online Booking > Preferences > Tracking code > Code to be executed at booking confirmation (Javascript only) 

Example: ga('send', { 'hitType': 'event', 'eventCategory': 'button', 'eventAction': 'click', 'eventLabel': 'OnlineBooking', 'eventValue': 1});

Step 6. Monitor results 

Goolge Analytics > Reports > Conversions > Goals > Overview 

  • Select Goal Option: Tuotempo Online Booking 
  • Select Source/Medium: (example : Google Organic)
  • Select Show full report
  • Select Secondary Dimension: (example: Advertising > Keyword)

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