Step 1. Check the status of the message

Go to > Tuotempo > Messages > Message Summary > Search

The status of the message is "Sent" or "Open"? Go to Step 2
The status of the message is "Not Received"?
Go to Step 3

Step 2. Ask the recipient to check their spam box

The message isn't in their spam box? Go to Step 3
The message is in their spam box?

  1. Ask the recipient to add your email to their white list. Read this tutorial for instructions.
  2. Ask your IT Manager to check your message sending configuration. Read this tutorial for instructions.

Step 3. Send a new test message

Go to > Messages > Send Message > Email

Paste the recipient’s email and send a test message.

The test message is received successfully?
There are no longer communication problems with this e-mail address.

The test message is not received successfully?
Ask the recipient to provide an alternative e-mail.

Still having difficulties?

Create a Tuotempo Support ticket