Email deliverability is important for the quality of your service. This tutorial explains how to maximise the percentage of emails that get through.

The issue

To prevent spam, mail operators verify whether an e-mail “From” address is authorised by the mail server that was used for sending the mail. This validation is achieved by setting up a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record.

By default, the tuOtempO application uses a mail server that is not on your domain. Therefore, you need to take measures to avoid mail sent by the tuOtempO application from an email address being treated as spam.

The options

1. Configure tuOtempO to use your SMTP server

You can ask tuotempo to use your own mail server instead of the tuotempo mail server. In this way the email “from ” address (for example will be using the same domain as the server being used to send the e-mail (for example and so the mail will be less likely to be treated as spam.

2. Set up SPF and DKIM records on your domain

You will set up an SPF record and a DKIM record on your domain authorising the tuOtempO application to send emails using your domain address.

How to choose

Firstly, decide whether or not you wanted to use the email server that comes integrated with the tuOtempO application. The advantages of using the tuOtempO server are:

  • Statistics such as open rate, click rate and bounce rate are made available directly within the tuOtempO application
  • The server is removed from email server blacklists
Tip: If you monitor your email communication statistics outside of the tuOtempO application and know that your existing server is not blacklisted, you may not require these features.
  • If you do not require the functionality provided by tuOtempO’s email server then we recommend setting up your application to use the SMTP server of your establishment
  • If you do wish to use the tuOtempO functionality and you have access to the DNS settings of your domain, we recommend creating SPF and DKIM records on your domain
  • If you do wish to use tuOtempO functionality but you do not have access to the DNS settings of your domain, we recommend sending messages from an @tuotempo address


1. Ask tuOtempO to setup your SMTP server

Required info :

Username of your smtp server

Password of your smtp server

Enter the value custom

The address of your host.

2. Set up SPF and DKIM records on your domain

To publish SPF and DKIM records, add a TXT record to the Domain Name Servers (DNS) for the domain used in your “From” Email Address.

a) SPF
i) If your “From” Address’s domain is only used by tuOtempO SMTP

For example, you have set up a custom sub-domain, such as specifically for use with tuOtempO

Then use the following value for the TXT record for your “From” Address’s domain:

v=SPF1 ~all
ii) If your “From” Address’s domain is used by tuOtempO SMTP and by your organisation

Example: You are using your existing email address assigned to you by your organization, such as

If your domain administrator has not already published a SPF record for your organization’s domain, he/she should do so immediately. The record should reflect the internal email. server setup of your organization. To add tuOtempO’s SMTP network to the allowed list of senders for your domain, ADD (not replace) the following value to your already existent SPF record:

For example, if your “From” Address is, and the SPF record for already exists as:

v=SPF1 a mx ~all

Then it should be modified to:

v=SPF1 a mx ~all

In order to add a DKIM record, contact us and we will provide you with the value for the key you will need to insert.

The record will have the following syntax:

jsmtp._domainkey.MyDomain.tld. IN TXT “k=rsa; p=KeyProvidedByTuotempo“

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