1. Go to:  https://developers.facebook.com/apps

2. Click on:  Add a New App

3. Give a display name

4. Insert a Contact Email if not pre-filled.

5. Click on Create App ID

You will be redirected to  developers .facebook.com/apps/ [Your APP ID N°]/add/

6. Click on Settings then + Add Platform (at bottom of the screen)

7.  Select Page Tab

8. In Secure Page Tab URL paste the URL of your tuOtempO online booking widget:

(Typically "https://app.tuotempo.com/mop/search_activity.php?dbName=tt_MYCLINIC" - change MYCLINIC to your tuOtempO database reference. Check with your tuOtempO support representative if unsure).

9.  In Page Tab Name give a name to your tab

It will be seen on your Facebook page by your patients.

10. Click on Save Changes.

11. Click on:  App Review (left column)

12. Switch Make [My app] public? to Yes. Choose a category and select Confirm.

13.  Click on your App ID and paste it into a text editor

14.  Copy the following link into the text editor:

https://www.facebook.com/dialog/pagetab?app_id=[MY APP ID]&redirect_uri=https://facebook.com

15. Replace [MY APP ID] with the APP ID that you copied in step 13.

Your new url should be similar to:


16. Copy your merged new link and paste this URL into your browser and return.

17.  From the Add Page Tab dropdown menu, select your Facebook Page and click on Add Page Tab.

18. Visit your Facebook Page where you will see your new link in the left column.

19  Click the link and copy the address from your browser navigation bar.

Your link will be in the form: https://www.facebook.com/MyPageName/app/1234565789/

20.  Click  Add a Button 

21. Select Book services  > Book Now

22. Paste your URL copied in step 19 in Add Website link and select Add Button

You will now have a Book Now now button that links to your booking module inside Facebook.